It took us several years to make the jump to GMail for Business and I can honestly say it was a great move to make as a company. No more supporting employees using different email clients. No more fear of "losing" email should the server have downtime. No more email mysteriously stuck in someone's Outbox. All in all, the move to GMail and Google apps has made us more efficient and stable.

1. SPAM Filtering.
GMail has great filtering services for spam or junk mail that you may be receiving. It neatly adds it to your SPAM folder for review at a later date. Since I've had my email address for over 15 years, I get hundreds of spam emails a day. The good news is that none of them end up in my Inbox. GMail has one of the best filters in the industry.

2. Ease of Use on Mobile Platforms.

I check my email on my smartphone, iPad and computer and GMail makes this task relatively flawless. It's easy to check on GMail's native app and also integrates easily with the mobile app of your choice.

3. For Businesses, Email Management is a Breeze. 

Managing email accounts for multiple users is a snap. Add, delete and edit users easily through the administrative dashboard. Migrate deleted users' documents and data to your Drive so there is no data loss. Plus we get all of the inherent benefits of GMail. For our business, it was really a no-brainer. 

4. No Hassles.

We continually had hassles with Outlook randomly disconnecting us from the server, tons of spam email, emails we thought had been sent but weren't, etc. Since we've migrated to GMail, we have had no significant issues. Zero. That's peace of mind about a critical business practice is worth a small monthly fee.

5. Everything Else.

For $5 per user per month, we have access to GMail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts and much more. Business apps make it easy for us to collaborate in the office or on the go. It also makes it easy for us to collaborate with our clients via shared folders on Google Drive. And you can easily send email from your own domain (as opposed to

For my money, GMail for Business is a stable, robust email management system that has streamlined our workflow and made us a more efficient team so that we can support our clients.

If you would like to migrate your business from your current email server to GMail for Business, please let us know. We're happy to help!

- Beth J. Bates

Owner, Web Strategies Internet Solutions